Baja Companion

(a.k.a. "That Internet Thing" )

    The Baja Companion is a set of over 30 ASP internet pages which can be added to YOUR company website to allow clients to monitor their inventory and agents to review assignments and post their updates.

    The program fully utilizes cascading style sheets and include files to allow you to customize the presentation to blend with your existing site colors and style.

    The Baja Companion program synchronizes updates to both the local database and your internet database.

    The internet database contains no financial, billing or sensitive information to prevent any disclosure.

Technical Requirements

     Internet Host Requirements.

  • Support for Active Server Pages (asp or aspx)
  • Running Microsoft IIS Internet server (v5 or higher)
  • Support for Microsoft Access Databases


    The one time fee of $350.00 and an additional monthly fee of $25.00 includes the following:
  • Over 30 asp pages
  • Over 10 customizable "include files"
  • Baja Companion

Demo Logon

Login ID:
Please feel free to browse through our test database using any of the following logins.
    System Administrator
  • Login ID    Bob
  • Password    1
  • Login ID    Lakeside
  • Password    1
    Field Agent
  • Login ID    Tom
  • Password    1