Baja Recovery Software

Baja Recovery Software is a database application designed for the auto repossession and collateral recovery back office. Baja is an easy to use program which can run on one or more computers in your office depending upon the database option.

Baja Standard Edition - The stardard edition is the foundation product which contains all of the forms and reports needed to manage your business. The system is based upon a flexible set of codes and forms that can be easily customized to fit your specific requirements. Baja Recovery Software can be run on an individual computer or networked to all computers in your office. There is no installation or set-up fee and all future updates are included.
The base package comes with MS Access database.

Baja Extended Edition - Adds the ability to pre-record access to websites used for skip tracing and enhancing your back office to aid in the skip tracing of your customers. This is more than just a bookmark. When activated, key information from the specific case is transmitted directly to the website to obtain your skip trace results. No copy and pasting ever! Your Results pages can be saved and noted in your case files.
Additional fees required.

Baja Companion Is an on line interactive system that enables your Clients, Agents and back office to view selected portions of your assignments over the internet. This data can be accessed from any online internet service by user ID. The full database remains protected on your server or desktop computer. We provide a set of web pages which can be integrated with your own company website. The Companion replicates updates and status changes between your website and your primary Baja Database. Your clients can enter assignments on line with full security regarding Social Security and account numbers. Billing, Payments and Financial data are not transmitted over the internet. See technical requirements for internet web site host restrictions.
Requires an installation fee plus additional quarterly support fee.

Database Options

Microsoft Access - is a lightweight relational database. This Access database is included with all versions of the Baja Recovery Software products. Supports a single workstation.

SQL Express 2005 - Is a workstation implementation of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 kernel which easily supports 10 workstations.
Requires an installation fee plus additional quarterly support fee.

Microsoft SQL Server - Is a full featured Database server enabling Baja Recovery Software to support a large number of workstations. The specific hardware configuration will determine the maximum number of workstations. This option requires a dedicated database server running a licensed version of Microsoft SQL Server. Low end server hardware can be expected to support up to 50 workstations.
Requires an installation fee plus additional quarterly support fee.